Sing Us Offshore

by Land of Vandals

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Lewis Kuhlman
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Lewis Kuhlman Musicians as steadfast and fluid as a stream create a sound as open as the Great Lakes in a collections of songs that flow like the tide. Favorite track: City Boys.
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released July 7, 2013



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Land of Vandals Madison, Wisconsin

Land of Vandals is a tight-knit Midwestern band driven by spacey guitar tones and a salvaged Lowrey organ. We form, mangle and reform songs in our house.

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Track Name: Eulogy
poured single malt
you cut your hair
your horse awaits you there

weve seen our fate
our flags are down
threw all the rulebooks out a single lion

with heads so large
we'll never see
you are beneath our reach
our masterpiece
she's barely there
our science hold, so rare
a single lion

all the maddening hours
all the seasons
i know a single lion ruined
after all he wasted all our reason
we built a monument to you

all the motorcars
all the seething its all the mafia could do
is all a wonder
after all our reason
we sang a monumental eulogy
Track Name: Dont
i had a dream imagined walking out on white ice/you wore a feeling out but im walking in thin air/there goes a flame to ride up/you burned/you wore a feeling out/im going to beat around it/i wasnt on my two feet i was water-minded/i had a dream imagined i was walking with my family/you were so innocent i thought/im happy to sound it out/im going to beat around it/sharp eyes and folded wings out/please leave with quiet bones/they sleep in cars of old times/their dreams are all they know/these are the heart attack days/they have a bleeding hour/these owls are hard/youd be kind to up and go
Track Name: Wildfire
i hear muscle/hear my muscles/the blood inside me/sound like thunder/think i’ll say goodnight/i’ll be brand new/have a brand new voice/i’ll watch the forest fires/they cannot reach me here/we ran up so high/they cannot see us here/it just go so loud/they cannot feed me here/i’ll watch the wildfire/they cannot reach me/i’ll be brand new/have a brand new voice
Track Name: City Boys
we lay out a blanket/watch as our house split in two/watched as he came into view/upright/its all too confusing/but someday we’ll be right inside/asking the wrens passing by to sing/you laugh and you know how/consider yourself on fire/miss thinking that you can sneak up on birds/so know you are all so bright/too sane/im marveling somehow/how famously our give and take can make for a shining escape/alone/say something that breathes it something that holds up your name/these city boys got no shame in that/we ran and were so high painting ourselves all white/miss thinking that we could sneak up on wolves so know you were once so fine/so lonesome and bright/too sane
Track Name: Crowds Rushing
hear them sing/crowds rushing/but he’ll just take his time/just lay back on the cracks of his undignified poise/we watched you steal that reel-to-reel back when we were just kids/we placed our bets that you could get there first/will your rhythm take awhile to level out/slow/will your rhythm weathering be settling/did we bend the stories end so we could make it our own/we came so far/but from the start these things were making us old/when you’ve found/you’ll know the sound/i know theyre right but from the sky/will your rhythm bring him out or bring him down/will your rhythm weathering be settling solely
Track Name: Roar Shark
shapes are bearing down in colored reeds/tame in rorschach/all our racket all at unsettling speed/all of a settling mind/our wait is over flashing all around/class of humans/all our racket all when youre settling for/black and grey be sure when youre settling for it/awake/my noise/its the sound of a cat coming out ahead on a rapsheet/so ashamed to still be in bed with neckhairs standing on their end/its all in my head/pouring now you know when you’re right/you’re right/the thrill of speed here/the thrill of breaking glass/wheres the barkeep/know the sound and know when your riddling stops
Track Name: Battles
caught up in white confetti son/shake out your hair let it be gone/you are taken back/subtlety/your broken teeth are barely worn/you say youve heard this once before/you are undersung little seed/our family token standing up/you saw us all wrong/so unabashedly our blood/you set us all up/so low we battle our kin/i found you all in quiet bones/so fragile masquerading/cold/Vegas all her rugged heat/we’ll bring it back here/sing in back here/so low we battle our kin
Track Name: Plans
i robbed my bank one night i had no plans/i knew id need pockets to sweep up all of the coins rolling out of the ears of us/keep up all of the noise/i watch the news sigh i see somebody win a box of warm hearts under the missle light/i brought you toothaches to show you who you are/its all in the nude (people will cheer up) its all in the new (like ghosts in paper bags) i saw it on the news (cut holes in bedsheets) youre sad as a loon (all white in mummy rags) i brought you two things to show you who you are/you wrapped it all up/you wrap up all of our love
Track Name: Icebergs
wake into the sun/beeding air/you were so sure/shake out from above/count your limbs/feel the blood start/you ran like a dream like a rain down a mountain/so welcome home/only fire/no ocean/say hello/now who will decide/creatures all on the surface abiding time/so still as your mind/with the bricks on this island youve figured out/say hello/show me how to face up nicely/be our circus/make our backbone/know i hope you made a splash/send me out